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Custom Glowing Bottle orders - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2014, 7:38 PM

If you would like to be notified when they are open again, please send me an email to titled "CUSTOM ORDERS" (content does not matter) and I will add your email to the mailing list. However, if you don't feel like waiting, my shop always has pre-made designs that you can buy, and I upload new ones every now and then, so I suggest looking around there!
For now I will be working on finishing up the custom orders I still haven't done, stocking up for comic-con in November and getting ready for the holidays!

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

I KNOW THIS SEEMS LIKE A LOT TO READ AND MAY LOOK CONFUSING! But please, trust me, I only tried to get every detail you might want to know about ordering. All there is to ordering from me is:
- fill out a form of what you want
- send it to me
- we talk about it
- you pay me when you decide what you want
- I make you the thing
- I ship it to you when you're happy with it

THAT'S REALLY ALL THERE IS TO IT! There's only a lot of text because I wanted to explain everything I can in detail. When you get to reading it, you'll see that everything is as clear as I could make it and there's nothing confusing about it! It's just a little..intimidating when there's so much text, I know :D But just know that if you EVER have any questions, you can comment or send me a message about it and I will happily help! ♥

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• October 21st
Custom orders are now closed - please do not send in any more forms until I open then again. If you're still in the waiting list, don't worry, this does NOT mean I stopped working on orders completely! I'm still getting to your order. This announcement only means that I will not be accepting any new forms.

• September 30th
Bookmarks are now not limited since supplies have just arrived! Also, I've added examples for each attachment you can get.

• September 28th:
I start going to university again tomorrow, which means replies to your emails may get a little slow, especially on Mondays since I'm in classes all day. Sorry!

• September 16th:
Larger glowing bits have just arrived at my doorstep! These are amazing - so far my glow count has been an hour! Well, over an hour, but I stopped counting once the glow got barely visible. But it was still there and could be very well seen if it was completely dark, even AFTER an hour! Ahh I'm so happy. Their color is just like the blue sugar glow, only these are the size of other bits I have. And they glow longer!
They have been added to the list of glow choices!

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

Hello everyone! I ask you to carefully read this WHOLE entry if you want to order a customized glowing bottle from me. You will find all the rules and info here, so make sure you really do read everything! Custom glowing bottle orders will be open for a short time, somewhere until the end of October probably, though I might close them sooner. This depends on when business picks up for the holidays, so I'm just giving you an approximation. After that, they probably won't be open for quite a while, so get your order in while you can!

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

• I have the right to reject your order. Chances are I won't, but if you're asking for something I can't pull off, I will have to;
• Do not send me notes or messages on Tumblr. Please use the email provided for communication and do not delete our conversation when replying to me - I will have quite a few orders to process and I won't be able to remember all of them from the top of my head;
• Please give me up to a week to make your item after payment. I'm only one person with two hands, and with university starting in a few weeks, I'm going to be buried under work;
• Obviously, you have to be okay with giving me your address (or have permission to do so if you are under the legal age), since I will have to ship the item to you somehow;
• Reply to my messages as soon as you can. You don't want to hold up the line of people who want necklaces after you, if you do, I'm the one who will be getting complaints and I might even lose buyers. If you do not reply within 24 hours (without warning), I will have to give up your commission slot for someone else. If you plan on leaving somewhere or won't have access to a computer for a while, warn me and I will hold your slot for you;
 You are allowed to change your mind about commissioning me, but I will ask for payment before I start working, and after that it's no refunds. Feel free to change your mind before that, but please notify me about that ASAP, so someone else can get a slot;
• Please keep your order form and our conversations as organized and accurate as possible. The less questions I have to ask you - the sooner your order will be done. I will help you make up your mind as much as I can, but please be as specific as you can be. This is the main reason I closed custom orders in the first place - the orders were a complete chaos. So don't make me want to close them forever and keep your emails organized!;
• You are allowed to order up to five glowing bottle items (necklace, earrings, bookmark, etc) per commission slot;
I will NOT be taking glowing photos of your item(s), I will only send you photos of your bottle(s) in the daylight. That's because taking photos of glowing things isn't very easy and requires a fairly big setup. Not only that, there are several examples in my gallery of how your choice of glowing material looks like in bottles. There's no need to waste time like that.

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

 Paypal only;
• I will ask for payment after we figure out what you want me to make for you and before I start working;
There will be no refunds unless your item arrives broken, as it is my responsibility to package them safely. Please see shipping guidelines below for items that end up getting lost (though let's just hope they don't do that);
All prices are in USD.

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

• Your order will be shipped as soon as I am done with it and you confirm that it's okay to ship. (I will send you a picture of the complete item and I can make changes if you like);
Please read my Etsy shop policies on "Shipping" & "Refunds and Exchanges" here - all the same rules apply, except for purchasing a tracking number - you will have to purchase it from me via Paypal with your order, if you want one. Shipping times can also be found in that link;
• All orders will be put in a bubble-wrap bag AND put in a bubble-padded envelope. I do not do boxes as the shipping instantly becomes at least double - I'm sure neither of us wants that.

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

United Kingdom: $2.00
Europe: $2.50
USA, Canada & everywhere else: $3.50

Tracking number:
UK: +$7.00
Everywhere else: +$9.00

Tracking number pros and cons can be found in the link I mentioned in the above section.

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

1. You fill out the form and send me an email with it.
2. You will get a slot.
3. I will take 5 orders at a time, therefore, I will not reply to you until I'm done with the first five slots. If there's free space in the first five slots, I will contact you ASAP.
4. After I contact you, we can figure out what you'd like me to make you. Try to be specific!
5. When we figure out what you want, you will have to pay me via Paypal.
6. After you pay me, I will start working on your order.
7. I will not ship your order until you're fully satisfied with the item. I will send you a picture and if you like it, I will ship it. If you don't, I can make changes, but please don't ask me for changes too many times, or I might have to charge extra.
8. After you confirm that you're satisfied, I will ship it within a few days. Depends on when I go to the post office, usually it's the same day, might be the day after.
9. Once you get your package, let me know if everything is alright!
10. DONE!

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

(more info on your options and pricing is below!)

1. Name:
2. Bottle shape:
3. Glow color:
4. Attached to:
5. Charm theme:
6. Anything else I need to know:
7. Address:

Make sure you write the address in the format it needs to be written on the envelope.

September 16th note: okay, so a lot of people are sending me their addresses in a completely wrong format. Please make sure you find out what is the correct address format for your country! I can't remember them all and a lot of people just send me their street and house number. Your package is being shipped from the United Kingdom, so please make sure you write down your address as if you'd be sending a letter to yourself from another country!
This means:
- NOT in a single line. Format it with breaks.
- NOT just your street and house number, but state, zip code, county, whatever your country needs.
- Include both your country and name!
Here is an example of a US format I found online:

Name Surname
XX Street name
Town, State XXXXXX
United States

Your format may be different - please look it up, as it is not my responsibility if you give me the wrong address and your item gets lost.

After you fill out the form, please add your FULL NAME as the subject of the email and send it to

And as I said, if the first 5 slots are full, it means I am working on those 5 orders and will reply to you only after I'm done with them.

(as in what you need to write in the form)
. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

 + Bottle shape
Your bottle's shape can add to the main glow material price. Some bottles are bigger than the others, therefore need more glowing material and cost more.
You may choose from these:

From left to right:
small: +$0
round: +$0
heart: +$4
star: +$2
tear-drop: +$4
regular: +$0

Write in the shape of the bottle in your form when you pick.

 + Glow color
This is your main price. Some glow material is stronger than the other, which is why the prices are different. Read their descriptions and pick one that suits your taste.
The availability of these glow materials can change from time to time, depends on how fast my supplies end and when I order new supplies.

Colors may have a slightly different shade from what you see here, due to different screen color calibration.

• • • • • •

Blue sugar: $25
• Looks like real sugar when it's not glowing! Super cute!
• Glows for around 30min before it needs recharging;
• Size: sugar grain sized!
• Medium glow strength.

• • • • • •

5d3 7833 Fin by FrozenNote

Blue bits: $25
• White with a very slight tint of green when not glowing;
• Glows for around an hour before it needs recharging! And continues glowing after an hour if you're in complete darkness!
• Size: tiny rocks, about 2-3mm in size;
• Longest glow time and charges really easily;
• Strong glow strength.

• • • • • •

Green bits: $20
• White tiny rocks, about 2-3mm in size when not glowing;
• Charges up real fast, but fades quickly too - good for when you're switching between light and dark environments lots;
• Strong glow at the very beginning;
• Glows for around 15min before it needs recharging.

• • • • • •

Purple bits: $15
• White tiny rocks, about 2-3mm in size when not glowing;
• Faint glow, suitable for people who are looking for a very subtle glow;
• Cheapest choice due to faint glow.
• Glows for around 15min before it needs recharging.

• • • • • •

Write in the name of the glow color in your form when you pick.

 + Attached to:
What would you like your bottle(s) to be attached to? A necklace? Earrings? Maybe even a bookmark? Pick!

Necklace: +$0*
Phone charm: +$0 (be careful not to bang it somewhere, though)
Bookmark: +$3
Dangle earrings: +50% of the glow+bottle price, rounded**
Charm (just a lobster clasp on the bottle): +$0
Bracelet: +$5***

* Unless you order one with two wing charms on a chain. If you do, it's +$3
** Since you get two bottles for each ear, the price is like that. For example: you get star shapes with green glow. That's 20+2=22. Half of that is $11, so now your total is $33. If the half is .5 or .2 or something, it will be rounded down to the lower number. (12.5 will become 12, for example)
*** If you want more bottles on the bracelet than one, it will be more expensive, but this can be discussed.

(in the order like above, no phone charm or charm example yet)

Glow - July 27th by FrozenNote  Glow - September 27th - bookmarks by FrozenNote  Glow - September 14th - earrings by FrozenNote  Glow - September 27th - bracelets by FrozenNote

+ Charm theme
There's a reason why I can't take pictures of all my charms for you: I HAVE A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF THEM. And I keep buying moooooore.

Therefore, I ask you to tell me a theme, or a few themes you'd like to see on your bottle. Something like "flowers" or "sea life", "stars", "space", "wings", etc. When you tell me what you want to see, I will look through my charm boxes (yeah boxes. as in, plural. see what I mean??) to see if I can find something suitable. If not, you might have to pick a new theme or it's a no-go for your order! I may have a lot of them, but I'm not made of charms...sadly.

Charm prices:
Most charms: +$1 each
Large charms: +$2 each
Double wing charms (example): +$2 or $3, depends on size.

You are not required to pick a charm though. If you want a more simplistic design with no charms - go for it!

• • • • • •

So in the end, your bottle's price will be:
Shipping: $2 to $3.50*
+ Bottle shape: $0 to $4
+ Glow material: $15 to $25
+ Attached to: $0 to $5**
+ Charms: $0 to about $5?

(*more if you add a tracking number)
(**unless you order earrings)

So in total, your necklace should be around $17 to $42! That's a big gap, I know, but it all depends on what you want!

You don't have to entirely follow these guidelines. That's what's good about custom orders - I can customize your bottle to your liking. Saw something you liked in my gallery? Tell me. Want something else to go in the bottle? Tell me. Want a mix of colors? TELL ME. I may not be able to pull every idea you have off, but I will try my best to find a solution! ♥

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

(I've done more, but these are my favorites ♥)
Winged Pentagram
Ice & Rain
Star shower
Winged gear drop
Knot and stars
Saturn charm
Lock & Key
Rose branch

1. Taio R. - one bottle
2. Andrew M. - one bottle
3. Nahima S. - one bottle
4. James H. - one bottle
5. Perry T. - one bottle

Emily T.
Sara K.
Heather F.
Marley S.
Samuel M.
Michelle Y.
Tahirah C.
Pauline D.
Anthony M.
Holly T.
Michelle W.
Kit W.
Jem K.
Lee O.
Kailey G.
Elmira G.
Kizzie S.
Efrain L.
Louise L.
Krystal G.
Michael C.
Samuel C.
Laura Q.

...etc, these are infinite, it's just that you might have to wait a while.
FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE. The sooner you send me an email, the higher on the list you will be! As I said, as soon as I'm done with any of the first five orders, I will move a person up from the top of the waiting list and email them back about their commission.

To elaborate once again:
Active slots - people who's bottles I am working on right now;
Waiting list - people who I will reply to and start working on their bottles as soon as I'm done with any of the above five.

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

[any question about the glowing bottles themselves here]?
I have a FAQ on them over here! Just updated it, too, to match my new glow supplies, new custom order policies and so on.

Do you ship to...?
Okay not the actual moon but you get my point. You can live on a private island even - the post charges here are only different for UK, then Europe is a bit more expensive, and then it's just literally "everywhere else".

I saw some glowing pebble jewelry in your shop/gallery too, no custom orders for those?
Not at the moment, apologies! I'm still experimenting with those, so maybe later, when I get the hang of them.

Can I pay you extra to be moved to the top of the list?
No, that's cheating D:

Will you be getting new colors?
Probably not, but I will try my best. I'm always looking for new glowing things to use!

Why did you decide to change your mind and open custom orders?
Well, mainly I can't miss this opportunity right now. I don't know how, but the last few months have been full of expenses for me and I constantly find myself struggling to make rent. So I have to. Not only that, university is starting soon, and I won't be able to focus solely on my business anymore, which means I will be forced to work less and make less money. I need to save up!
*whisper* Also video games and donating to cats in need.

I got my item and I don't like it for some reason, what now?
Please contact me ASAP! I will do whatever I can to help and make you happy.

Why aren't you replying?
Okay the only reason for that is that I'm either: asleep, at the post office or eating. I literally have no life and spend all my day at the computer, so chances are, if I'm not doing those other three things, I'm gonna reply within two hours.

Will I get customs/border charges for this package if I'm from another country?
No, don't worry! That I have taken care of.

How long will it take for me to get my item?
I've mentioned this, but to make it shorter: a few days to decide what you want, then after payment I will try to not take any more than a week, then the shipping time - depends on where you are, read the "shipping" section above. So probably around 2 weeks to a month? It depends on many things, feel free to ask if you are unsure.

I have certain allergies to metals!
All I can tell you is that I know the ear-hooks I use are nickel-free, but that's all I can help with, sorry! :(

Do I get a discount if I order more than one bottle? Or if I'm a repeat customer?
I'll think about it ;D Just make sure you tell me if you've bought from me before hehe, can't remember all of you wonderful people!

I can't find an answer I need in this journal!
Please feel free to ask anything! I tried to cover everything I can, but I certainly forgot some things, so ask away!

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

I want to thank you all for your continuing support. I couldn't be here without you guys. Because of you I can follow my dream and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

Photography: xQUATROx
Glow bottle designs: FrozenNote
Star divider by SugareeSweets

Last but not least, if you don't feel like waiting for a commission, I sell my own designs in my shop sometimes, too!
:bulletblack: Just follow this link

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